Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throwback Thursday in Romania!!

Hi guys!

I never really do any kind of Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday posts. Today though, I was actually looking through some older pics and thought what the heck, why not? haha

So, if you are interested at all, here are a couple of pictures from back in 2008 when I went back to my home country, Romania. It was such a lovely time and my sister and our two best friends joined me. It was lots of fun seeing our family again and enjoying some time with them as well as friends.

I am planning on going again this year if I get the chance around September or next year. It's been too long!!

I love this pic of me and by bff :) Look at my hair!! Now it's way longer and dark!

All four of us going to see Draculas/Bran Castle

My sister and I in my grandma's yard

My sister and I out for a picnic with our dad

Approaching Bran Castle

In the town square Brasov

Inside the castle

Watching the view from Rasnov fortress

At Rasnov Fortress

I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures! It sure made me miss Romania!



  1. Hello lovely, just came across your blog and it's awesome!

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    1. Thanks so much :) I just subscribed to your blog! Loving it!