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I started this blog about 13 years ago (2010) when I was in college, studying Fashion Design. I started talking about fashion and combined my love for celebrities and style into "Get the Look" posts. I also started writing about beauty items I was loving as well as dipping into day in the life type of posts. 

Over time, life got in the way and I stopped writing. I started a YouTube channel and was focusing on that instead. 

The more I approached my 30s, I got deeper and deeper into the world of retail, I lost all free time and with that, lost the time I had to dedicated to the things I loved  most like blogging and filming. 

Of course, I tried to keep dipping back into it a few times a year but it became something that was more like a chore. Even though I loved it, I didn't have the time to really dedicate to it. 

Fast forward to today. I am no longer working retail, I own my own business alongside my sister and I am starting to dedicate more time to the things that make me happy, like my blog and Youtube channel!

I am excite to be sharing my new column, The Daily A with you all as well as more Reviews, Fashion, Day in the Life posts and so much more!  

My businesses, Adelore Creations and Persevir Boutique will also be a big part of the blog!

Come with me on this new journey where we are reaching all of our goals and dreams and most of all are happy! 


Disclaimer: I want to put this on here because I will be using some affiliate links through my blog. This doesn't mean that what I write about or what I share with you guys is not real or something I do not believe in. I only share things that I love with you guys! 

I just started using affiliate links because since I already share with you all things that I love, why not make a few pennies out of it? If you click on an affiliate link and purchase whatever item I linked then I make a very small(and I mean minuscule) profit. This keeps me going and helps my blog and brand grow! I would love to one day be a full time blogger/youtuber and be able to start my own business  :) You all will be a part in making my dreams come true! 

Thank you all for your support and love!