Hello fellow Bloggers and Blog Lovers!

I started this blog when I was 25 years old and just fell out of love with it over time. I am now in my early 30s, can you believe that? Time just flies! 

I am recently re discovering my love for blogging and would love to start dipping my feet into it once more. I want this blog to be a fun, informative and exciting little corner of the internet.

This will not be your typical "fashion beauty blogger" blog but a very laid back, chill, write about what you feel in the moment type of blog. I will share snippets of my life with you all, things I love in fashion, beauty, home decor and more! I also love blogging about my favorite celebrities and what they are wearing or doing so you might be seeing a little bit of that sprinkled in here as well.

All in all, I want this to be something that both you and I will enjoy :)

Come along for the ride,



Disclaimer: I want to put this on here because I will be using some affiliate links through my blog. This doesn't mean that what I write about or what I share with you guys is not real or something I do not believe in. I only share things that I love with you guys! 

I just started using affiliate links because since I already share with you all things that I love, why not make a few pennies out of it? If you click on an affiliate link and purchase whatever item I linked then I make a very small(and I mean minuscule) profit. This keeps me going and helps my blog and brand grow! I would love to one day be a full time blogger/youtuber and be able to start my own business  :) You all will be a part in making my dreams come true! 

Thank you all for your support and love!


  1. hi,
    nice blog. let me know if you'd like to get associated with a new start up related to fashion and styling. you can check the details at: facebook.com/StyleStanza and contact me at: shiriishbohare@gmail.com

  2. Hello! :)

    I have nominated YOU for the Liebster Award, please visit my blog for the details!




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