Sunday, October 10, 2010

Drugstore or Designer?

Are you the type of girl who wants to buy all the make-up and beauty products in the world but has absolutely no money? I know I am. I am a drugstore junkie and that's only because I cannot afford the more expensive things. But occasionally, I do buy the more expensive designer brand because I know it's better and it will make your face look flawless. I also love looking up videos of make-up gurus that talk about the more expensive products because I know that one day (after I get out of college) I will have the money to spend on that kind of stuff. Right now I cannot afford to buy anything for myself because college is a killer.

Some of the products that I am using at the moment and actually like are:

Neutrogena cleanser-I actually love this because it washes away all your makeup including the eye makeup. what i don't like about it is that it kind of leaves my face a bit dry so i use a moisturizer afterwards.some of the reviews i read about it say that it doesnt remove mascara but it works perfectly fine for me :)

I also use just a regular astringent and an eye cream.

I like using the eye cream in the morning but not at night. I just use the astringent and moisturizer at night. I'm in the process of buying a new moisturizer and thinking about purchasing the Laura Mercier purifying oil cleanser. I heard lots of good things about it. I will do a review on it after I get it and use it for a little while.