Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Great Gatsby Fashion Part 1: Jay Gatsby

Hey Everyone!

Recently, I have been obsessed with the movie The Great Gatsby. I have watched it a million times already and I just love everything about it. The acting, the clothes, the scenery, the music, everything! I remember reading the book back when I was in high school and loving it. After reading the book, they made us watch the old movie, which was amazing, and ever since then I've been a Gatsby fan :)

You can only imagine how excited I was when they announced that they were going to remake the movie, especially with Leonardo Dicaprio as Jay Gatsby! Leo has always been one of my favorite actors.

But enough of that! Today I just wanted to show you guys how to get Gatsby's look for a decent price. Daisy will be featured in my next post! Since Halloween is around the corner, I know many people will want to dress up as them! I know I do, so this will be helpful for me as well haha!

Jay Gatsby

I'm going to go with one of my favorite looks from the movie: The Ivory, linen suit!

1. Jacket ($121.62 Amazon) 

2. Pants ($49.95 Amazon)

3. Shirt ($32.99 Amazon)

4. Vest ($128.00 J. Crew)

5. Tie ($15.99 Amazon) and pocket square ($8.00 The Tie Bar)

6. Shoes ($79.99 Stacy Adams)

7. Walking Stick ($148.00 Brooks Brothers)

Total: $576.54 

So, to look like Great Gatsby you do have to spend a little bit of money but, I am sure you can find a pair of similar shoes at home, a blue shirt, a tie and even a vest! You can definitely substitute any of these items with items you already own!

Brooks Brothers did do a Great Gatsby Collection inspired by the movie so if you really want something authentic you can shop there! It is quite pricey though. Let's just say the jacket itself will cost you as much as all of these items together, or even more!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! More fashion coming soon!

Thanks for reading :)