Thursday, May 30, 2013

Swimsuit Season!

Hi everyone!

Long time no see!

So, since the weather is getting warmer (at least here in TX), I decided to do a post about swimsuits!

Who doesn't love laying by the pool or going to the beach and rocking an awesome swimsuit?

There are so many swimsuits out there that range from really cheap to super expensive!

These are three that are my favorite at the moment and that I own:

 I bought this one from JC Penney and I really like it because the top is a push up! I really love this mint color as well :) It looks like it would be a Victoria's Secret bathing suit but it is half the price!

This one I have from my sister and I really like it! It is from Victoria's Secret

This one is from VS as well but it is the fuchsia one not this particular one. Same style just different color. I couldn't find a picture of the pink one anywhere!  (It is last season's so it's hard to find on the website)

So these are three of my favorite ones which I am hoping to wear this year. :)

I do have my eye on one that I saw on the lovely Nina Dobrev recently

I think it is supper pretty and flattering! I really love the colors :)

You can actually buy the swimsuit from HERE (Agent Provocateur)

Thank you guys for reading and have an awesome day! :)