Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Healthy Breakfast!

Hi guys!

Today I want to show you all what I had for breakfast.

 I had some instant oatmeal (the apple and cinnamon kind). I made it with 2% milk. I usually like to make it with almond milk but I was out of that. I just mixed the oatmeal and milk together and pooped it in the microwave for 2 minutes. After that I mixed it a bit more, added some extra cinnamon on top, and a few of the fruits I had in my fridge.

 Today, I chopped up a few berries and half a banana and added a few blackberries :)

To go with that I drank my cup of coffee and a tall glass of water!

I usually like to make eggs in the morning (different variations) but was out of eggs and bread :( Oh well, that means I need to do a bit of grocery shopping! haha

 What did you have for breakfast today?



  1. Your breakfast looks very healthy! I had milk with cornflakes today.

  2. I love your breakfast! I love strawberries :)