Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Meeting Fleur De Force and The Wanted Concert!

Hello everyone!

If you read my last post you know that today is Wednesday and that means I will be doing a day in the life post!

So these past two weeks have been pretty exciting for me! On April 27th (Sunday) I got to meet Fleur from Fleur De Force. Her, Amelia and Estee came to Dallas for a blogger convention and had a meetup! I of course couldn't miss it!

My sister went with me which was nice of her :) I wasn't really nervous that day but when I actually saw Fleur I kind of started freaking out a bit haha!

 When I did get to actually say hi to her I felt like nothing really came out! I said hi and awkwardly tried to get a picture without even asking if it's ok to take a picture. She thought I was trying to give her a hug so she hugged me....which was nice haha But yes, she asked me where my dress was from and since that dress was pretty old I could not remember at all (Plus I think it was a gift from my mom for my B-day) so I just said I don't remember. There went that conversation! Then I decided to point to her sunglasses and say they look like mine but mine were only Five Dollars! Who says that??? haha She looked at me a little confused and then I tried to clarify what I was trying to say and started mumbling something about how hers must be expensive. Yeahhhh....After that I said nice to meet you and left. What can I say...the awkwardness came out.

I am still super happy I met her and she was the loveliest person ever! She was so tiny! I knew she was short but she really was super tiny (I am 5 ft 7 so lots of people are tiny compared to me haha).

Overall it was a great day! My sister and I went to the mall right after to eat something and shop around. I finally went into LUSH and it was so nice! It was an awesome day!

Then this past Sunday (May 4th) I had tickets to go see The Wanted in concert! Another amazing day! I went with my boyfriend and sister! We met my bff and her bf for a bite to eat before we went to the concert so that was nice.

The concert was the most amazing concert ever! I wish they were not taking a brake :(

Needless to say it's been fun! I have nothing planned for this Sunday (except work boo!) haha!

If you got to the bottom of this then thanks for reading and I applaud you! :)


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