Wednesday, December 28, 2022

The Countdown to 2023: Are New Year Resolutions Still a Thing?

At the end of every year we make New Years resolutions. A resolution is the firm decision to do or not do something. Most of the time, we usually make a list of things we want to change for the better in our lives. Some people keep these resolutions but about 90% of the world, gives up within the month. So what makes us want to make these resoultions? It's the promise of a new beginning, the excitement of starting something off brand new. Even though our lives are technically still the same, the countdown starts over. A new beginning and a new chance to make things happen in our life.

Personally, I love the New Year. It definitely holds a lot of excitement. I think with everything that is happening all over the world, you feel like your resolutions or your personal goals are not worth even mentioning or writing down, but they are! Make those resolutions! Write them down! Do what makes you feel productive and good about the New Year. Take it a step further and for each resolution, write down a couple of steps on how you are planning on reaching that resolution. Every month write down something you did that got you a step closer to your goals. Make a vision board and hang it in your office (or somehwere where you can see it everyday). This will remind you about the things you should be focusing on instead of the things that you focus on because life threw them at you (which happens every year). So let me know: are you making New Years Resolutions this year? I know I will :) But I will make them goals that are actually achievable for the New Year. Of course you can also make long term goals and work towards them every year! Good Luck!

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