Sunday, January 30, 2022

Well, Another Trip Around the Sun!

 I am 33. I honestly do not even feel weird saying that. It doesn't actually faze me at all. The only thing that is really daunting is the fact that life moves on so quickly. After you get into your thirties, everything starts to kind of go by in the blink of an eye. 

What I realized is that you have to live your life the way you want to live your life and that is what I am trying to do going forward. You just never know what life will bring everyday but all you can do is try and make the most out of it. I have so much hope for this year and I know that great things will happen because, I will make them happen. I hope the same for everyone else reading this! Let's make it a good year, despite all the darkness that is happening right now in the world. It is so easy to focus on all of that because it is ever present, but let's make the most out of the good things, even if they are minuscule. 

A little clue? Maybe! You all know I love fashion

When I was in my twenties all I could think about is my age and how much older I was getting each year. I was terrified of being 30, but honestly this is probably the best I ever felt about myself and the things I want for myself. It is a lot clearer now than it was back then. Everything, of course, will take time to achieve but at least I am in a place where I know what I want and I have a plan on how to get there. 

Me in my 20s :) 

But, enough of the sappy stuff. Let's talk about my birthday. It fell on a Saturday which was amazing AND I actually had the weekend off, which again was amazing. You see, I had a party planned. I was going to have a "Sex and the City" themed party. There was going to be cocktails, pretty dresses and just plain fun. But...thanks to the unprecedented times we live in right now, it had to get postponed. 

I am definitely a Carrie :) Who are you?

Instead, my boyfriend was so sweet and made the whole day about me. It was mostly just me and him but we had a great time! He took me shopping and I got the cutest Sailor Moon jeans (yes, I am 33 but I am literally forever a teenage girl at heart haha). I also needed a new pair of white sneakers and I wanted some that were a little bit nicer and that would last me awhile. 

I love them! 

I picked out a pair of Puma platform sneakers and they are so cute and super comfortable. He also gifted me a few other things that arrived a few days earlier and they were such cute items. 

After that, we went to our favorite Japanese restaurant. It is always so quiet and intimate which is what I love about it and the food is DELICIOUS. They have the best food!

We then went to get some frozen daiquiris from a TO GO daiquiri place that we saw one day as we were driving home and we had wanted to check out. 

He got the Long Island and I got the Hawaiian Flavor :)

We waited until we got home and we set up a board game that we bought while out in the town and just chilled and played. After that we just hung out watching some old movies and the next thing you know, it was time for bed. 

I almost forgot that he also picked up a piece of "Birthday Fudge" as they called it at the store so we shared that! It was pretty delicious!

Even though it wasn't a party like we wanted to, we still made the most of what we had. I am so thankful for him and the fact that he always knows how to make my day awesome. 

Other than that, today was just a laid back Sunday and tomorrow is back to work at 6AM...yay. We do have a trip coming up the week after next and we are super excited about that! I will be vlogging on that trip and I will share that with you all when we get back. 

I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for me and all of us. 

Until next time,


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