Sunday, January 23, 2022

Productive Sunday: Organizing the Office!

I love working in my office but when it is messy, it becomes a place that just brings me lots of anxiety. I use my office for me and my sister's business, Adelore Creations (we create theme boxes based on movie and tv show characters). I also use my office for writing blog posts (unless I am writing on my laptop, from my bed haha). 

Since I use my office for business a lot, it can become quite messy. I take photos of new arrivals, I make TikToks, I unbox new merchandise and more. When I put orders together, the boxes require lots of packaging so I usually make quite a mess. If I don't keep up with it, it becomes a jungle! 

In the process of moving things around

In the process of moving things around

Today I woke up wanting to move some furniture around, re decorate a little bit. But first...COFFEE! I made a nice little coffee and had a donut and then was off to the office!

My bf surprised me with a really cute Neon Sign so I wanted to add it to my office but I had no good spot for it. This just pushed me even more to re decorate and clean up!

I started with moving my Ikea Daybed (my bf helped me. more like he did all the work) because that thing is HEAVY! Then I moved my shelving unit where we keep inventory, and then everything else just needed to be organized. Let me tell you, it took the whole day! 


I started finding some things I had forgotten about, like one of my first garments that I designed and was actually proud of. I have a degree in Fashion Design and I've always had a passion for fashion. This skirt and corset combo was part of my Senior Collection and it walked a runway. I remember being very proud when I saw my collection come down the runway. 

Anyways, I just wanted to share with you all a little but about my day. I don't know about you, but I just love when things are nice and organized around me. It sort of makes me think that I have my life in order (even though I don't). 

How did y'all spend your Sunday? Now I am off to take a bath and get ready for a 6AM shift tomorrow. yayyyyy...

Until Next time,


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