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Quarantine Expectations VS Reality

Now that the majority of us have been in quarantine for awhile, how are we spending our time? There is actually a difference between how you WANT to spend your time and how you ACTUALLY spend your time. Here are some examples:

EXPECTATION: Read all those books you purchased and have been wanting to read but couldn't because of work and no time
REALITY: Spend time on the phone and watch TV instead

EXPECTATION: Deep clean the house/spring clean and get everything organized
REALITY: Do one load of laundry and call it honest work

EXPECTATION: Explore your creativity by working on a blog/art/singing/writing
REALITY: Who has the energy for that??

EXPECTATION: Exercise and stay in shape
REALITY: Alternate all day between the couch and the bed

EXPECTATION: Eat healthy
REALITY: Have 10 cookies for breakfast and a hot dog for lunch

EXPECTATION: Focus on your mental health and do things that are good for the soul
REALITY: Think about all the bad things that could happen and google "dry cough and runny nose" just so you can send your anxiety through the roof

EXPECTATION: Have a routine, wake up early, get ready for the day, make your bed, eat healthy, have a wholesome day and go to bed at a decent time
REALITY: Stay up until 4am, wake up at noon, eat junk food and lay on the couch all day watching "Tiger King"

Obviously these are all for a bit of a laugh guys but I'm not going to lie my quarantine so far has been more like the "Reality" part and not the "Expectation" part. I recently really started to get into more of a routine. Even if I wake up late and stay up late I still wake up, make breakfast, get ready for the day and try and do something creative that day or something that will make me feel like I accomplished something. You don't want to go to bed thinking you are just throwing precious time away.

Follow your body and your mind and if you need that time to do absolutely nothing then that is fine too. We are all going through this World Pandemic and it can affect everyone in different ways so deal with it as good as you can and remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we will hopefully come out of this stronger and better than before.



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