Sunday, January 19, 2020

Easy Like Sunday Morning Breakfast

Everyone loves a good Sunday. It's a day where most people take to relax and regroup before going back to work the next day. Some people do not have Sundays off but maybe they have a different day off that they consider their equivalent of a Sunday.

Sunday is one of my days off and I usually love this day because it's the day that I sleep in, enjoy breakfast with my boyfriend without having to rush out the door before he even wakes up, and just spend time doing things I love. Sometimes it's just a day of Netflix and sleep because let's be real, we all need one of those days every once in awhile. Work can really be draining and it puts so much strain on your mind and body that you need that day where you literally don't do anything.

Today, I just wanted to share with you all a few pictures of what a typical Sunday or "day off" breakfast looks like for us. 

My boyfriend usually makes the coffee for us and I make the breakfast. Sometimes I am so tired that I cannot even get out of bed without a coffee first. He usually gets up and makes us our coffee. I usually spend a few more minutes in bed siping on it and scrolling through Social Media. Then I finally get up and start making our typical "day-off" breakfast. He is not off on Sundays but doesn't leave the house until about 2PM which still gives us enough time to enjoy the morning.

I start off with taking all the ingredients out of the fridge: 

Eggs, vegan butter, cheese, deli chicken breast and some jam! I usually use whatever cheese we have in the fridge at the moment! I typically use turkey bacon but we were out of that so I replaced it with the deli chicken.

Another thing I use is bagels which I forgot to put in the picture! I usually make us an egg sandwich and a piece of toast with jam on the side.

The first thing I do is toast the bagels. While they are toasting I put a pan on the stove with about a half of tablespoon of vegan butter. I let that all melt. In the meantime, I crack two eggs in a small bowl and add salt and pepper on top. After the pan is heated I put the eggs in the pan and cover it with a lid. I like to cook the eggs on low heat so they get nice a gooey on the inside but not too runny. During this time I get my bagels out of the toaster and start spreading some of the vegan butter on them.

Once the eggs are done, I put them on the bagels, and slice the middle of the yolk a little bit for a little more flavor! I then start frying the turkey bacon or whatever I am using at the time in the same pan I used for the eggs. I then place that on top of the eggs and add half a slice of cheese on top of that! Sometimes, if I have some cherry tomatoes I cut them up and put those on top of everything else! It is so good! 

I then get the two pieces of toast ready with some vegan butter and jam on top as a "dessert" haha

Hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments below what you like to eat for breakfast! 


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