Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Diet? How About No

Are you starting the new year on a diet? Because that was the plan for me. "This is the year I get back into shape" is what I told myself. "I will start on January 1st." Then I realized January 1st was a Sunday so the "getting back into shape" diet got postponed until Monday. If it's not a Monday I'm not starting something new, am I right?Are you the type of person who has to start something at the beginning of the week? Oh, it's a Thursday? I guess I will have to wait 'till Monday! I've always been a procrastinator, so that definitely does not help the matter. I always work best under pressure, when I know that something is due in less than 24 hrs, that is when my best work happens. I know I am not alone in this haha. But back to the "diet". This is defintiely the year I do want to get back into shape and into a healthier lifestyle. The thing is, I do not want to diet. I want to change my eating habits but still be able to eat things I want to eat, just better versions of the things I like, made out of better ingredients. I also want to cook more at home rather than eating out.

Working out is another thing I want to keep doing. I've been working out on and off throughout my adult life but I never stuck to it. I am not a gym person, I am a home workout type of person and I found lots of at home workout videos that are amazing, put together by some amazing women. I will have to make a post all about my favorite Workout Youtubers soon! So, having all the tools necessary is the first step. Holding yourself accountable is the next. I find that deiting never gets me anywhere. If I diet, I start to crave foods and I end up binge eating which is not ok. So I want to slowly start eating healthier, incorporate cardio and strenght training and keep living life.
I will have to keep you all updated on how that is going! I might do a separate section just about my 2023 Lifestyle/Fitness Journey and share foods, workouts adn updates on there! Now, I am in no means in a big rush to "get in shape", I just want to start feeling better about myself and do it in a healthy way :) So tell me, do you have any health/fitness goals you want to achieve this year?

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