Friday, July 5, 2013

Getting Fit & Looking Good!

Hi everyone!

I have recently started to work out and wanted to share with you guys where and how I work out and some of the clothes I wear while I work out.

I have always loved to do DVD workouts because I hate going to the gym everyday and I always feel a little uncomfortable. I really wish I had a treadmill at home because I love running on the treadmill but that is not really in my budget at the moment haha!

So I started out doing the Kim Kardashian DVD workouts. I have all three of them in the series and I really love them. 

Some people might not particularly like Kim but these DVDs will make you sweat! They are awesome workouts and Kim works with a trainer to show you awesome moves that will make you stronger and leaner.

I always end up going back to these DVDs because they actually work and you can feel your body changing after a couple of weeks.

My only downfall is that I am quite lazy sometimes and "forget" about exercising as I am sure a lot of us do haha.

Recently, I started getting back into it with the help of Blogilates!  She is a pilates instructor and has a  YouTube channel as well as a website and even her own online store(which is super awesome). She is the best trainer you could ask for. Full of energy and she is beautiful inside and out!

She recently came out with her own DVD called POP Pilates which of course I purchased! I have been trying to do it at least three times a week while doing her other workout videos that she constantly uploads on her youtube channel.

Check her out! She is awesome!

So, while I do all these workouts, what do I wear?

I don't know if any of you have heard of the brand called Lucy but they make workout clothes. They are super comfortable and quite affordable. They are great quality as well.

These are some of the items I own:

 These shorts are super comfortable and moisture wicking which is great if you sweat a lot!

This Cross Back Tank is amazing because it has great support with the built in bra and the thick straps. I absolutely love it. I have this tank in a pink and white pattern. (If you click the link you will see the color I have it's called Sangria) :)

This mesh half zip hoodie is super comfortable and breathable after a workout or even during. I have it in this color and also the dark grey.

This capri is super soft and comfortable and also moisture wicking. I love it! It has a slit in the back and it looks really flattering on. I love working out in these!

Here is me wearing the pullover mesh top! Don't mind the face haha

So these are just a couple of items I own and I love to work out in! I have a few more but I am not going to bore you with them. haha! You can check out for more amazing workout wear!

I usually like to work out in shorts or capris because I get pretty hot. Plus they are super comfortable and allows a lot of movement like for Pilates for example.

Ok guys, I would love to know if you do any type of workout or if you know of any DVDs that you think I would be interested in! Please list them in the comments below :)

much love.


  1. I always workout with youtube videos :)

  2. great post! I need to be inspired to work out more

  3. I didn't know kim kardashian had workout dvds, I used jillian micahels and lost 38lbs in 3 months!