Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kristen Stewart's Style Part 1

Hi everyone!

Let's take a look at another celebrity's style :) This time I wanted to showcase Kristen Stewart. She has been one of my favorite actresses ever since Twilight came out back in 2008. I know she is one of those people that you either really like or really "hate". I happen to really like her and her style!

Kristen in Vogue Magazine
Her style is so unique and I think she always looks beautiful. Her face is always glowing! I know that lately there's been lots of negativity around her due to her unfaithfulness to Rob Pattinson but we are not here to talk about her personal life.  We are here to talk about her as an actress and fashion icon :)

Today I will be showing you guys her more dressy red carpet looks, focusing more on dresses. In Part 2 I will be showing you her casual red carpet looks as well as her "airport" style and day to day style. In part 2, I will also do a Bella Swan inspired look :)

I hope you enjoy!

Long black gowns
Kristen looks lovely in her long black gowns because they are each very different.

Red Gowns - so beautiful on her
Inspired Look:
Slit Maxi Dress in Red
More expensive version

Who doesn't love a high slit? Beautiful patterned gowns

Inspired Look:

PE289 -

These vibrant color look great on Kristen
Inspired Look:

Inspired Look:


Cheaper version

Blue Dominant Dresses

Inspired Look:  
$8.99 (size M)
Royal Blue Black Panel Striped Sweetheart Neck Sexy Knit Mini DressBlue Cocktail Dress - Bqueen Graphic Colourblock Dress K385L$89.00


Awesome prints and unique dresses

Inspired Look:

photo 1 $23.97
Black Faux Leather Pointed Closed Toe Spike Studded Heels $34.99

Long sleeve dresses in awesome patterns and textures

 Inspired Look:

Product Image$31.99

Nude sweetheart mini dresses
Inspired Look:,0,1720,2000&scl=4.9002849002849&id=8qCrK3 $41.94

Love this simple black dress with the zipper detailing
Inspired Look:

$19.99 size S

: $27.59

You can wear this look with any black platform high heel that you have :)

Other Kristen Stewart looks that I love: 

Love this high waisted pleated skirt

These are some interesting choices but she can pull them off

This pink dress is Amazing!

Some plain yet chic dresses for any occasion

Cute white dress turned edgy when leather jacket is added

I really love this metallic dress with the peep toe pumps; the belt awesome as well

These asymmetrical dresses are all super chic
Inspired Look:

Image 1 $42.90

These are super cute little black dresses with amazing detail

As you can see, Kristen wears pretty unique garments. She likes to play around with texture, lace, applique, asymmetry and the length of the dress. I think she can pull off a lot of looks. 

So as you can see I did a few inspired looks but could not do every single one since I have so many pictures. If you would like to see any inspired looks of Kristen feel free to point them out and I will do my best to do them :) 

I hope you guys enjoyed this and look forward to part 2 of Kristen Stewart's Style dissection hehe :) 

Hope you're having an amazing day!

Which one is your favorite from all of them? Do you like Kristen or not? Leave your comments down below :) I always respond  


  1. I LOVE Kristen and her style and just practically everything about her. The outfit I love her in is the second to last picture where shes at an Eclipse movie launch? I cannot think of what there called *mindblankmoment* The outfit is different in a good way yet also simple and her hair colour lighter looks gorgeous. I think she is unlike any celeb I have seen for the fact she doesn't care what anybody thinks, her life is hers to live the way she wants to.

    1. I completely agree with you. Kristen doesn't fit the Hollywood celebrity stereotype and that's why I really like her :) thanks for your comment! :)

  2. There is so much complaining about her 'not being able to act' and so on, but I cannot agree with all of those negative comments.
    Admittedly, I've only seen her in the Twilight-movies, but there I had no negative impression.
    Additionally, I think she is really pretty and she has a beautiful face!
    I do not always like what she is wearing, but many outfits are very nice.

    1. Yes, many people think she can't act because she is quite different than the stereotypical hollywood actor. I'm glad you don't agree with the negative comments :)

  3. Amazing style!!! She has such a fashion sence!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  4. Great blog post, she has a lovely style.=)

  5. Hey sweets, Really enjoyed this post. Can't wait for the new Twilight film now :)

    1. Thanks! Can't wait either :) 2 more months! Hehe

  6. I love how she can look so glam and so casual, and looks so great both ways!
    xo Annie

  7. Great post! love how you found similar outfits that match her style! :) xx

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog! She looks great in a lot of outfits, these are all definitely winners, its a shame she appears to have such a sour disposition about her.

    1. Haha yeah she doesn't really like to show a lot of emotion sometimes

  9. This post is so creative, I never realised how much of a unique style Kristen has but I'll definitely be paying more attention now :)


    Jacquina @

    1. :) I really like her style! Keep an eye out for her, her style keeps getting better and better every day :)