Friday, June 26, 2015

My First YouTube Video!

Hi guys!

So, this is my third attempt at a video haha! I have always wanted to make YouTube videos but have always been too embarrassed. I do not have the best camera and no professional lighting so I cannot make the best videos but I hope they are informative and entertaining! It's so much fun filming and editing them!I just started this channel as a hobby and something to do in my spare time. I have a full time job and this is just a little fun on the side :)

I hope that you guys enjoy this video and be kind to me! haha I Would love to hear some feedback from you guys, whether you are a new YouTuber like me or you have been doing it for awhile.

Hope we can be friends!!  



  1. You look lovely :) I really liked your hair when it was all big after you'd blow dryed it

    Hannah x