Friday, May 22, 2015

Tanya Burr Book and Home Stuff

Hi guys!

I didn't really have anything planned for Fun Friday so I decided to put together a few pictures of things I have been loving this past week. These are all new things I have purchased this week and wanted to share with you all.

On Monday me and my bf went and did a little shopping. We needed groceries but we also stopped at Marshall's and Target!

From Marshall's we picked up the Bonjour pillow and two others that are not pictured below (they are plain little yellow pillows). I wanted to add a pop of color to our boring brown couch (which will be changed out soon because we are planning on buying a grey couch as soon as we move out of our current apartment yay!). I always thought gray and yellow looked so cute together. This pillow is super adorable and I love it!

The other thing picked up from Marshall's was the light blue basket. I think it's super adorable and it is great for storing my hair straightener/curler instead of leaving them on the floor all the time haha

From Target we picked up the Nature's Wick Candle. It has a cracking wick which makes a cracking sound when it burns :) It is 3 scents in one and so far it smells really good! It's very fresh!

Also from Target we got the little gold candle holder to sort of go along with the yellow pillows :)

This week I have been obsessed with Tanya Burr's book! I pre ordered it before it came out but they ran out and I had to wait super long to get it again. My bf finally got it for me and it finally came in the mail last Saturday! I was so excited! It is such a cute book and Tanya is such an inspiration! The pictures are lovely and I love her recipes! I will definitely be trying those cookies as they look so delicious! I just love looking at the book on my bedside table or just on my bed, it makes me happy :) haha

So these are just a few thing I purchased this week that have made me happy. I especially love shopping for homey things!

What have you bought this week that has made you feel happy? Let me know in the comments below and also let me know if you purchased Tanya Burr's book and what you think of it?