Thursday, March 12, 2015

Meet my Guinea Pigs!

Hi guys!

A couple of months ago I got two guinea pigs! I have been wanting some for awhile. I love going to the pet store and looking at all the small animals they have there and the guinea pigs are my favorites! 

Whenever I saw these two, they were both in the same living area so I decided to get both of them so I wouldn't separate them.

They are both girls and they are the total opposite! 

Meet Penny! 

She is the crazy one! She's not as scared of everything as Bella, my other guinea pig. She is super curious and likes to explore. She likes to lick your nose haha 

She also likes to cuddle :)

Meet Bella! 

She is the sensitive one who is always scared of everything but she is so sweet! She never wants to be apart from Penny! Every time I take Penny out of the cage she goes out looking for her and starts getting antsy. She is so cute! 

Haha she loves hiding and finding hiding spots wherever she is!

More pics!

Hope you enjoyed this post!