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Adelaide Kane Casual Style

Hi guys!

In an earlier blog, I talked to you guys about how I've been loving the show Reign and also the actress who plays Queen Mary, Adelaide Kane.

I actually really like her style outside of the show as well, and for today's post I wanted to pick a few outfits and show you guys how to get her casual look!

Outfit 1

This outfit is super casual. You can just wear a plain jersey knit racerback or tank top with a pair of gray jeans and a pair of platform heels. I really like the shoes with this really plain outfit! This would be  a great outfit for hanging out with friends out in the town or going shopping




 Outfit 2

This second outfit is similar to the first one but a little bit more put together so I would wear this even on a date, movie night, night out with friends or whatever :) The statement necklace adds a nice detail and also the lacey shoes are more of a feminine touch. The cross body bag makes the outfit a little more casual than adding a clutch. I think it is a simple but very pretty look.

 She would probably also wear something like this with it 

Forever 21

Hope you guys enjoyed these two looks. I will do another post with her more dressy looks as well so keep a lookout for that soon if you are interested!



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