Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September Birchbox Review!

Hi everyone!

Today, I received my first ever Birchbox! I was so excited because I love trying out new beauty products :) If any of you don't know what Birchbox is, it is an exciting new way of discovering new products. Every month, for only $10 and free shipping, you get a box delivered to your door filled with goodies :) You might not like or use everything that is in it but it is worth the money. Birchbox offers samples from well known brands as well as newly discovered amazing companies. If you would like to try out new samples every month then feel free to subscribe to them at

Now, on to showing you what I got in this month's box. I was pleasantly surprised and really liked what I got. I haven't tried everything since I just got it but they look promising hahaha!

The Packaging 
  •  I quite liked the little box it came in and was surprised that there was so much detail put into it. The aqua wrapping paper was cute and everything was wrapped accordingly. When you open it up the first thing you see is a card with a note from the Birchbox team and on the back there is a list with everything that you got in the box so you know exactly what they are and what they do. :)
This is the box and how everything came packaged

Fall Lookbook and Madewell coupon

  • The next "paper" thing I got was a coupon or as they call it a Gift Card with a code for a $25 off a $75 or more purchase at Madewell. I have never heard of this company but I will give it a try. :)
  • The Fall Lookbook is a very cute little book filled with tips about hair, makeup and clothing. I think it's super cute and useful!
Madewell Coupon and the Fall Lookbook

Nail Polish 

  • The nail polish is from a brand called Color Club and is in the color 5786 INSTA-THIS (how cute haha). It came packaged in separate wrapping paper and tied with a little string. I thought it was very thoughtful and smart since it could easily brake. 
The color is actually darker in real life more like an indigo.

BB Cream

  • The BB Cream sample is very small but it is a sample haha! It is from Dr. Jart + Water Fuse. It is a multi - action skincare plus makeup cream and it has an SPF 25 which is great. Looks promising! I can't wait to try it out since I love BB Creams :)
Dr. Jart+Water Fuse BB Cream

 Benefit Skincare Solutions

  • I am actually very excited about this because I am currently looking for some new skincare products. The packaging that these samples came in is so cute and colorful! This is the RADIANT BY BENEFIT SKINCARE. It came with a Foamingly Clean Facial Wash and a Refined Finish Facial Polish. Can't wait to try them!
Adorable packaging! Love that it has descriptions of the products and directions :) Very useful!

Make-up Remover Swabs 

  • These are 24 cotton swabs filled with makeup remover. I have never used something like this before but they seem like a good idea. You can use them when you make a mistake and need to correct the make up or just to remove the makeup in general. I don't think it would be great for the entire face or mascara since they are so small but they are great for everything else and when you are on the go!
Beauty Fixation Makeup Remover Swabs

 Lifestyle Extra and Hair Tie

  • Last thing that I got was a cute and colorful snag free hair tie and a Granola Bar! I already tried the bar and it tastes healthy haha!
twistband and Larabar uber granola bar

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! I can't wait for the October box haha! Let me know if you are subscribed to this or a similar one like Glossybox :) 

Have an awesome day/night!


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  1. I really been wanting to get a birchbox, sounds really cool-oa

  2. this box looks really good adela, Those make up remover buds are really clever if they're effective! xxx


    1. Yeah, I tried them the other day and they are pretty great but not for large areas haha


  3. Great post! Thank you for your insight into Birchbox! I've heard about it but have always wondered what the products are really like. When you get those "free gifts" at makeup counters I think the products are awful. I might try this now! I'm your newest follower, follow back?

    xoxo Sarah Beth

    Caring Cowls

    1. You're welcome :) I know what you mean though about the "free gifts" haha

      SO far, I like it even though it's my first month getting it!

      Thanks for following, of course I will follow back


  4. of course we can follow each other on gfc and bloglovin and facebook :D.. i´m first .. noooow its your turn pleaaseeee :D:D