Sunday, February 12, 2023

It's OK to Quit

In the past year, so many more people have ben quitting their jobs and for good reason. Most everyone has been underpaid and overworked with no work/life balance. You are lucky if you have a job that treats your right and pays you what you are worth. Those types of jobs are very few and far between.
I was one of those people who was struglging with my career and that is because I didn't do what I actually wanted to do from the moment I graduated college. I have a fashion design degree and I always wanted to have my own business ever since I was young. Since I moved out right after college, I wanted to get a part time job and work on content creation (YouTube was massive back then) which I eventually wanted to turn into a full time job. Well that never happened, I was never consistent enough to actualy build a community. I didn't realize how demanding was working retail. I also started to get promoted and bills started to pile up so I knew I had to find a full time job. Working full time in retail is a lot! It's tough on your mind and your body and it is draining! I ended up working retail for 10 years and doing some sort of content creation on the side and started a business with my sister in 2020.
My last retail job was not the greatest experience and the company I worked for was not what it seemed. I was making decent money but I was pretty much bullied into quitting. Now I am trying to make it as a small business owner and also content creator and hoping that my dream will soon turn into a full time income. The point of this Daily A is to say that, it is ok to quit a job that you have no passion for and where you are not being paid enough and not being treated fairly. Follow your dreams even if they seem unatainable. You have to try it for yourself otherwise you will always think back and wonder what if.

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