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The Countdown to 2023: Love Yourself

People love to judge. Even you. Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions about others and other things. Not everyone says them out loud but they do think them. What I have learned in these 33 years on this planet is that you have to love yourself in every stage of your life, despite what others think of you. You might not be happy all the time with your looks, your weight, your surroundings and the way your life is going but always love yourself. Have you gained weight in the past few years? If so, that is what your body needed to do during this time in your life. Maybe you were stressed, lost a job, had a baby, lost a special person in your life, or have just been struggling mentally. All of these things can drastically change your appearance (weight, wrinkles and the whole getting older thing). This doesn't mean that it will always be like this. You can only focus on a few things at a time and when your life is turned upside down, your looks aren't always your priority BUT your health should be. I am definitely speaking from experience. In the past year, I have gone through pretty significant changes in my life and that definitely started showing in my body and my mind. This year I took a big chance, I decided to follow my dream of starting my own business and its a tough road but I am hoping it will be the best road for me. Is my physical appearance the best it's ever been? Absolutely not. Is my mental health the best? Absolutely not. Am I working on both? Definitely. It's small steps but the small steps will take us a lot further than the big steps. Is it hard to love yourself when you don't feel the best about yourself? Yes, but that doesn't mean you can't do it. Loving yourself means loving all of you and not just you on the outside. You deserve to be proud of yourself at every stage of your life and do not let others bring you down. People will always find something negative to say about others. Knowing your worth and owning it will make you shine and help you love yourself as you are. Let's go into the new year loving ourselves as we are in this moment and appreciat the things we have. 2022 has been an interesting year to say the least. We are always hoping that the new year will be better but let's hope that the new year will just BE and we will do our best! <3


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