Thursday, January 2, 2020

Is Blogging Still a Thing? New Year Chat!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Can you believe it is the year 2020??? SO crazy! I have been really thinking about re launching my blog for the past few months. My only concern is, is blogging still a thing? Do people still read blogs? I know I rarely do anymore and if I do, it is usually someone I have been following for a long time. Most of the time I am on YouTube watching video blogs or as we like to call them vlogs!

I would love to hear your opinion on blogging and if you are still into it! Is it starting to slowly become a thing of the past? I think most of the blogs that are out there right now are either about fashion, cooking and or health/working out. These are all amazing but I feel like a lot of them are not as personal as they used to be. They all seem so commercial now! I don't know, maybe I am just old fashioned!

Today, I just wanted to really start getting my feet wet again and start writing again. I love the idea of a new beginning, a clean slate to start fresh and really go for your dreams. That's what the New Year is all about! It's not necessarily about a new year, new you. It's about continuously growing as a person and really digging deep into what makes you happy and how to spend more time doing that! Is work a happy place for you? Is home a happy place? What can you do to improve your life. Everyone wants to have a good life, we all have different goals we want to achieve but in the end we all just want to be happy. The question is, how do we make that possible?

I really want to make this blog all about finding happiness in the little things (so cliche, I know), but I want to write about mindless thing that put a smile on your face but also write about important things that make you think! I want this place to be a place where we can all chat and speak our minds without being scared of what others might think.

Let's leave all the negativity and
negative thought in 2019! Let's start the year with positive thoughts and know that anything you put your mind to, you can achieve! Here's to the new year, and here's to blogging!

If you read this then please comment down below with something that you are looking forward to this year or something that you want to achieve or anything else that you would like to comment. I would love to chat with all of you! Until next time!


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