Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Outfit, Hair and Makeup Ideas

Hi guys!!

Valentine's Day is coming up so I wanted to show you guys a few outfit ideas inspired by celebrities.

Some of you may go out for a casual V Day date and some of you for a romantic candle lit dinner. Here are some examples for both situations.

Casual/ Daytime Outfits

You don't have to always look sexy for Valentine's Day, you can just look cute and casual, depending on where you are going. Here are a few options. You can still wear a skirt or a dress but with more of a classic look to it. A fun print, a belt and a crossback bag can add a casual feel to the whole look.

 You can also go for more of a girly/casual look by pairing a flirty, flowy dress with more of a plain shirt. Add a belt, crossbody bag and sandals and make this look even more casual. Since it will probably be cold for V Day you can definitely wear flats or heels instead of sandals and a cropped jacket on top.

Dressy/Evening Outfits

For the evening, go for a sultry look. Short dresses, high heels and an evening bag completes the look. A sexy jumpsuit is also an option especially if it will be cold. Be sexy but also classy.

This fitted dress shows a lot of skin but because of the long sleeves, it also gives it more of a classy look.

This is perfect for someone who is a little more shy because the neckline is a little higher and it also has short sleeves. Pair it with these gold pointy heels and you will look amazing!

This dress is also perfect for someone who doesn't want to show too much. Higher neckline and sleeves again, but this time the dress is a little more fitted which gives it a bit of a sexier feel and it is also open back. 

This dress is perfect for any girly girl. Its flowy, has lace, chiffon and a little flower belt. You will definitely give off the super sweet girly feel 

This jumpsuit is perfect for someone who doesn't want to wear a dress. It is asymmetrical and fitted and paired with some gold wedges you will look like a million bucks but not like you are trying too hard. 

This is another jumpsuit that is great for someone who doesn't want to wear a skirt or dress. It cinches in at the waist and makes you look tiny. Pair it with a pair of black pointy pumps and you will look classy and sexy. 

This flowery dress is perfect for someone who wants to look girly but not seem like she is trying too hard. Flowers are a great print that make you look super feminine. 

Get the Look (a few options that I found online) 

Makeup Ideas 

Go for a flawless face, groomed eyebrows, minimal makeup and super bold lips. This is great for both daytime and nighttime. 

Go for a super sultry smoky eye, dark eyeliner, long black lashes, pink lips and dusty cheeks. Keep your eyebrows groomed but not the center of attention. 

Hair Ideas

Romantic updo. Put hair in a messy bun at the nape of your neck and leave a wavy strand down to frame your face. 

Loose waves/curls. Gives you a super feminine look and guys love long flowy hair 

Old Hollywood hair style. Curl your hair with a big barrel and put it all to the side with a deep side parting. Perfect with red lips :) 

Thank you guys for reading and I really hope these ideas work for you!! If I do anything for V Day I will post pics but since both me and my bf are working that night, we might not be able to do anything :(

I hope you guys will have an awesome Valentine's Day!