Monday, October 29, 2012


Hi everyone!

I wanted to share with you guys my Halloween costume that I wore to a little Halloween party this past weekend.

It was very last minute so I didn't really have time to go out and get an actual costume. Things didn't go as planned but oh well haha!

So, I wanted to be a "Masked Vampire". I went ahead and bought some vampire teeth and a mask and decided to wear a black dress, fishnets and boots.

The problem was that my Vampire teeth did not want to cooperate with me :( I had to go to the party without the fangs because they wouldn't stick to my teeth! They were supposed to be like dentures and stick to your teeth but I guess I bought some old ones. 

So, this is what I ended up wearing: (would have been so much cooler if I had my fangs!)

Masked Vampire with no teeth :/ haha
I was supposed to look scary but that didn't happen! No Vampire teeth :(
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and my lame Halloween costume! haha I will hopefully do better next year! :) 

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Let me know what you're dressing up as for Halloween (if you are)! 

Have an awesome day/night everyone :))

xoxo, Adela


  1. Love your costume.
    Come and visit my Blog:)

  2. You look great! Even without the fangs:)


  3. You're very beautiful!

  4. You look great!
    It doesn't matter you didn't wear your fangs, you were just a very well disguised vampire^^

  5. How fun, I love it. Extremely gorgeous. Halloween gets hard to dress up for when you so busy. I remember a couple years ago me and a guy friend of mine went as the hands in your pocket guy from the capital one commercials, and spent all night touching peoples bums and singing the song, so last minute but probably my favorite costume.